Modern Knife steel is a very high-quality material, the set you have purchased is made from stainless steel and has gone through strict treatment to help prevent any corrosion. Stainless steel minimises the risks of corrosion but does not eliminate it 100%. Prolonged exposure to the elements can cause the steel’s surface to oxidize.

This guide will give advice on how to properly maintain your knives. Please keep this information for future reference:

·  Hand washing of the knives is advised by using a mild dishwashing liquid. It is not advised to be washed in the dishwasher

·Please ensure the knives are not left to soak in water. Please do not use scouring pads to wash the knives, a soft cloth should be used when washing and drying.

· It is very important to wash the knives straight after use as the moisture and acids from foods could cause corrosion to the steel over time.

· If the blade should come into contact with salt water or an acidic substance, rinse the knife thoroughly immediately.

¨ Keep your knives sharpened. A dull blade can be more dangerous than one which is maintained. Well maintained knives will perform better, and last longer.

¨ Knife performance and longevity are enhanced by regular care remember the following key points to properly maintain the knives:

¨ Keep your knives dry -the entire knife, not just the blade.
¨ Keep your knives clean
¨ Keep your knives sharp. A sharp blade is safer than a dull one.

Do not attempt self-repair. This voids the warranty and may be Dangerous
Your warranty with Rohen Ltd will be void should you not follow our care guide advice, please see our warranty which would’ve been sent to you with your order for more details.

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